Singapore: Multi-drug trafficker arrested with female companion from Tampines, CNB seized several drugs

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drug trafficking
Photo 1: Blocks of cannabis recovered from within a rented car, during CNB operation on 28 June 2018. Photo 2: Drugs recovered from within unit in Hougang, during CNB operation on 28 June 2018. CENTRAL NARCOTICS BUREAU

Singapore's Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers conducted an operation in the vicinity of Tampines Street 83 on Thursday afternoon, June 28. After observing a suspected multi-drug trafficker, officers arrested the man including a woman and seized several drugs.

CNB said in a news release that at around 4.30 pm they spotted a 28-year-old Singaporean male. Officers arrested the alleged drug trafficker and his 28-year-old Singaporean female companion from a void deck.

After conducting a search, CNB officials recovered an improvised drug-smoking apparatus from the man, including 384g of cannabis, 33g of 'Ice' and three Erimin-5 tablets from the bag he was carrying.

The news release also stated that the female suspect was also carrying a bag, from which officers recovered a small amount of cannabis.

The male suspect rented a white coloured car, which was found while parked in the vicinity of Tampines Street 83. When the CNB offices searched the vehicle, they found 4,835g of cannabis, 1,056 Erimin-5 tablets, a small amount of 'Ice', a bottle containing cannabis resin, a digital weighing scale, three knives, three grinders and two drug-smoking apparatus.

CNB said that the male accused is a resident of Hougang Avenue 1 and when officers raided at his permanent residence, they recovered a total of 214 Erimin-5 tablets, 37 'Ecstasy' tablets, one LSD stamp, 4 g of cocaine and a packet of cannabis.

On Thursday night, during a scan of the seized white car, the unnamed male drug trafficker submitted a total of 16 containers of cream, which is suspected to contain cannabis oil extract.

Drug trafficking
Rented car in which cannabis, Erimin-5 and ‘Ice’ were recovered from within, during CNB operation on 28 June 2018. CENTRAL NARCOTICS BUREAU

CNB said, "The cannabis seized in this operation is the largest cannabis seizure yet for 2018, and is enough to feed the addiction of more than 700 abusers for a week."

However, the investigation of both alleged drug offenders is ongoing.

Even though Singapore is a country that has a strict law for any kind of drug-related offences, still every month many cases of drug trafficking or drug abuse come under the spotlight.

Recently, countries famous model DJ Tenashar faced two charges for drug-related offences. The female celebrity faced charges involving cocaine and psilocin, which is a substance that found in most psychedelic mushrooms, one count of importing psilocin in the country and being in the possession of Erimin-5 or Nimetazepam.

This article was first published on June 30, 2018