Singapore: Motorcyclist injured after car sideswiped him at CTE [VIDEO]

Singapore road accident
Singapore road accident Darren Tan/

A Singapore bike rider met with an accident at Central Expressway (CTE) after a silver car sideswiped the man without providing any signal of changing direction. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.

A video of the accident was captured by Darren Tan and was shared on the Facebook page called on Thursday. As the video showed, the accident took place CTE towards Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Wednesday, at around 6.15 pm.

As per the social media post, the registration number of the involved car was SLX2098L and the bike was registered with FX6248R. IBTimes Singapore believes that Darren who captured the video had called for an ambulance, as the arm and shoulder of the victim were hurt due to the collision.

The video showed that when the motorcyclist was coming from behind, the silver car suddenly made a move to left and hit the victim. It was clear that the driver of the car did not show any signal of changing car's direction.

However, the dashboard camera footage showed after the accident, the man was lying on the road and was not able to get up. Including the silver car driver and another driver stopped his vehicles to help the injured motorcyclist.

It could be seen in the video that the driver of the involved car, wearing a black shirt and trouser, came out of the vehicle and approached towards the victim. The another driver, who stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road, went help the injured man. The video showed a third man, who came later to provide his assistance.

However, within three hours of uploading the video on that page, it has received 208 shares and 13000 views.

Darren Tan/