Singapore: MOT clarifies details of public transport vouchers after noticing false information on WhatsApp

The image was labelled false, with MOT clarifying in its graphic that the vouchers are in fact for lower income households
The image was labelled false, while MOT clarifying in a graphic that the vouchers are for lower income households. Facebook/ MOT

The Ministry of Transport (MOT), Singapore has warned people on Sunday morning about a misleading information on public transport vouchers which have been sent to several WhatsApp users across the island.

The Facebook page of MOT shared the picture of the inaccurate WhatsApp message on Sunday that states, "Dear friends, EZlink top-up of $30 at Community Centres on Mon, 12th Nov, for all senior Singaporeans. You have to bring along your identity card and EZlink cards."

The ministry not only labelled the information false but also provided the clarification, which says the vouchers are for lower-income households, who can apply for a $30 each at the Community Center and the applications run from Nov 12 this year to Oct 31 next year.

The graphics content where MOT stated all the original details also included that "successful applicants will be informed via mail on how to redeem their voucher."

In a news release, the MOT stated, "To help needy families cope with the fare increase announced today, the Government will draw down $9 million from the Public Transport Fund to provide these households with 300,000 Public Transport Vouchers. This is the largest Public Transport Voucher exercise to date."

"Residents may approach their grassroots leaders or their local CCs if they have any queries," the statement further added.

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