Singaporean wrestling coach asks woman to wrestle without shirts

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A Singaporean wrestling coach is reportedly under the scanner of cyber security officials as the screenshots of him asking a woman to wrestle without her tops went viral on social media platforms. The news has been exposed by the woman's boyfriend, and as soon as the news went viral, the wrestling trainer justified the incident stating that he lost his phone since January 2018.

"Guys, please help and share, this idiot going around asking girls to wrestle with him naked at his house. He just tried to ask my girlfriend wrestle with him. If you have him on Facebook, please tag him so he can see this, and his friends can see this. He just blocked me off, and I can't see him", posted the woman's boyfriend on his Facebook page.

The victim's boyfriend also posted that he would love to wrestle with the trainer.

The WhatsApp interactions between the woman and the wrestling trainer are also out now. In the initial phase of the talk, both of them talked in a very normal manner, and in the course of time, the wrestling trainer added obscene elements in his words. At one point in time, the trainer told the woman that he used to ask his students to undergo training with just a sports bra and pants.

As a reply to the trainer, the woman told that she does not have a sports bra. Hearing this, the trainer asked her to wear aged bras and bralettes as alternatives.

Interestingly, the trainer has first approached the woman with these kinds of talks long back on last May. As she refused to comply with the instructions of the trainer, he took a back. A few days back, the trainer once again tried to lure the lady, and this attempt has now gone viral on social media platforms.