Singapore: Man spotted python while walking at Jurong West

Python spotted in Singapore
Python spotted in Singapore Pixabay

A Singaporean suddenly spotted a creature, which was peeking out from a drain cover near the Block 750A, in Jurong West Street 73 on Sunday, May 13. Later he discovered that it was nothing but a python.

Stomp reported, the passers-by, Kenneth said that when he was walking near that area, he saw two eyes of a creature and when he found out that it was a python, soon the reptile went back into the drain at Jurong West.

He shared the unusual experience because Kenneth wanted to make other local residents aware of the reptile while walking by the multi-storey car park. He also mentioned that, as many people use the same route to get to Gek Poh Shopping Centre, they should be careful while walking on the street.

This is not the first case when a python was spotted in the city, as last month, April 28 a huge python was seen on the rooftop of the Bukit Batok wet market and that gathered a huge crowd in that area on Sunday. Local residents, who saw the reptile while hanging from the roof, had captured the incident by using their mobile phone cameras and the videos were also shared through the social media platforms.

The captured footage has also showed a dead rat, which might have killed by the python before it was hanging from the corner of the wet market roof. However, Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), was asked to come to the scene. But, when the officials came and made a hole in the false ceiling of the shophouse, they could not spot the python as the officials claimed that the snake would have moved from its previous spot to search for food.

This article was first published on May 14, 2018