Singapore man injured in wild boar attack outside Hillview condominium

The victim has suffered cuts and laceration on legs and hands following the wild boar attack.

Wild boar walks on a street at a residential area in an evacuation zone
Representational picture Reuters

The incidents of wild boar attacks are becoming quite common in Singapore, and the latest one has been reported at a bus stop outside the Hillview condominium. According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the 40-year-old victim has suffered cuts and laceration on his legs and hands. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Soon after the attack, the Singapore Civil Defence Force was alerted at 8.43 AM, and a team reached the spot within minutes. According to eyewitnesses, Police and the SCDF officials soon cordoned off the area and gave initial first aid to the victim from the spot of attack, even though there were no professional medics surrounding the injured man.

The photo of a wild boar lying at the condominium bus stop is now being shared widely on social media platforms. The Straits Times has reported that the boar is not dead and is still alive.

Increasing wild boar attack in Singapore

This is not the first time that a wild boar attack has happened in Singapore. Before the Hillview Condominium attack, another similar report was reported on June 30, when a wild boar attacked a woman who was walking her dog near Windsor Nature Park. The animal attacked the woman's leg, resulting in 60 stitches over her wound.

On September, two road accidents happened due to the interference created by wild boars, and as a result, five people were injured.

Tips to stay safe from the attack of the wild boar

The public should always understand that boars are violent animals with an instinct to attack when they get provoked. If you see a wild boar in your lane, make sure to stay calm, and slowly go away from the animal. It is not at all wise trying to feed the animal.

Do not try to take the pictures of the animal, as the camera flashes may provoke it, resulting in an unexpected attack. Adults with young piglets are more dangerous than lone boars, as these mothers believe that you will harm their young ones, and to avoid that they may attack you without any mercy.