Singapore: Man drags child out of car, throws him on roadside at Sengkang East Way [VIDEO]

Child abuse in Malaysia
Child abuse in Singapore (Representational Picture) Reuters

A disturbing video showed that a man was dragged a child from a car and threw that minor at least three times on the roadside grass patch on Monday, June 4 at Sengkang East Way.

The 1 minute 38-second video, which was shared by a Facebook page called showed that while the car was standing on a roadside, the man came out from the car and opened the back door of the vehicle.

Later the video showed that he got up from the driving seat and came back, opened the left passenger door and dragged a boy out of the car and threw him on the grass patch. In the video, it was clear that that minor in a red t-shirt was trying to get inside the car every time after the man pushed him away. This entire episode happened on Monday at around 12.40 pm at Sengkang East Way.

However, as per the Facebook post, the uploader of the video stated that after a while the man left that boy and drove off but he came back later. When he returned to that place, where he abandoned the minor, the boy was not there as a local resident, who came across the incident took that helpless child to the Housing Board flat.

The post stated that police were informed about the incident and they are now investigating the case.

Such incidents are quite surprising as well as unexpected in a country like Singapore, which was named as the best country among 175 nations in the world to raise children. A per the 2018 End of Childhood report, released by an organization called Save the Children on Thursday, May 31.

As per the data showed by The Ministry of Social and Family Development, in 2017 there were 373 cases of physical abuse and 181 cases of sexual abuse of children in Singapore. On the same time, the government data stated that a total of 340 children were neglected.

The ministry also mentioned in a report that to prevent the child abuse and to banish it completely, people can contact some agencies, which are mentioned in the official website of MSF. Facebook/ STOMP
This article was first published on June 6, 2018