Singapore: Man commits suicide after killing lover with dumbbell

Woman murdered by alleged lover with a dumbbell after she confessed that she would leave him sooner or later.

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Nguyen Thi Thu Trang was murdered by her alleged lover in a gruesome manner, by a dumbbell, after she declared that she would come out of the relationship sooner or later.

Her body was found in Ang Poh Hwa, a minibus driver's flat on May 18, 2017, at Block 16, Marsiling Lane, Singapore.

Forensic pathologists state that the victim's head was smashed using a blunt object. The wound was so deep that it went straight deep into the skull, thus breaking it. The 31-year old divorcee and mother of one also suffered from an 11 cm long wound, stretching from her forehead to the top of her head, apart from bruises on her eyelids and lacerations on the cheek.

Forensic pathologist George Paul stated that the autopsy was conducted two to three days after her death, on May 19, when her body was found.

Her murder is still a mystery, yet State Coroner Kamala Ponnampalam stated on November 6 that the victim was attacked with a dumbbell that led to the traumatic injury. The coroner further added that Ang, after having killed her, committed suicide by falling from a height.

Although Nguyen was engaged to an Italian man, both she and Ang were in a serious relationship. Text messages from both their phones prove that they shared an intimate relationship. Nguyen was planning to move to Italy with her husband.

Ang was aware of her engagement for his phone contains the screenshot of Nguyen's Facebook post which publicizes her engagement news. The 58-year old Ang's body was found at the foot of Block 17, Marsiling Lane at around 1:53 am on May 18.

The police officers discovered a bunch of keys and cut marks on both of Ang's wrists. They found Nguyen's body covered in blood on the fifth floor.

A handwritten note was found under the coffee table, where Ang had written in English, "Vicky Sorry Sorry". Nguyen was also known as Vicky at her workplace. She was a bartender at Ce La Vi. Ang worked for a logistics company which worked in collaboration with Ce La Vi. He used to drive employees back to their homes after their shifts. Nguyen gradually became close to him and used to visit Ang frequently, even stayed overnight.

The note also contained a message written in Chinese, which was addressed to his family. The murder weapon was found lying near the suicide note.

Investigators found a penknife lying in a pool of blood which Ang apparently used to cut his wrists. According to pathologist George Paul, Ang did not die from these wounds, as a result of which he decided to commit suicide. The State Coroner further stated that Ang's death does not include any third party involvement.