Singapore man attends his wedding within weeks after facing life-threatening accident

Representational picture of Singapore bike accident Facebook/Singapore Civil Defence Force

A 51-year-old man called Cwa Cheng Kiat was driving home on January 28 and unfortunately collided with a BMW car at Pasir Ris Drive 1.

A local police spokesperson said that on January 28, at around 1:55 am have they received the news of the accident at Pasir Ris Drive 1. The police is still investigating the case to know further details.

Following the accident, Kiat was taken to Changi General Hospital where he had to undergo a four-hour-long surgery to put metal supports on his neck and spent almost a week in the hospital.

But, Kiat was discharged for three days as he had to attend his wedding ceremony at D'Resort at Downtown East on Wednesday, January 7.

While talking to The New Paper at his Pasir Ris home, Kiat said that despite the pain, swollen limbs and a neck brace he is happy to come out of the hospital to get married. He also said: "doctor examined me and said I could return on Thursday for further check-ups."

According to Kiat, doctors allowed him to remove the neck brace for the wedding day but cautioned not to move his head too much.

He said: "It is so unfair because it messed up all my plans... Now, every step I take is painful, my back throbs and my head cannot turn properly. I can barely eat and I don't feel like a functional person."

Kiat's first marriage ended 20 years ago. It was his second marriage. Form the first marriage he has a daughter but Kiat last saw his child when she was six.

His current fiancee called Anna is a chef from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kait said: "I met her about a decade ago at the restaurant in Malaysia where she cooked such good food."

He works with Amazon as a delivery driver but due to his serious injuries, Kiat would not be able to do his job.