Singapore: Man arrested for stealing from vehicles parked at housing estates

The 52-year-old man arrested for stealing from vehicles was produced in Court on Saturday.

Representational Image arrest

A 52-year-old Singapore man was arrested for stealing valuables from parked vehicles. Police confirmed this news through a statement on Friday, and later, the convict was produced in court on Saturday.

The arrest

Many complaints were lodged on August stating that valuable items were going missing from parked vehicles in New Upper Changi Road, Bedok South Road, and Bedok Central housing estates. Due to flowing complaints, police beefed up the security checks in the area, and finally, the culprit was nabbed. According to police officials, most of the thefts have occurred on parked vans and motorbikes.

As per investigation officials, the culprit was arrested from the Bedok Stadium. After thorough interrogations, the convict has reportedly confessed that he has committed the crimes.

If the man is convicted of theft, he will be jailed up to three years and will be also penalised with a hefty fine.

Security measures to follow

In the wake of the increasing theft from vehicles, police have asked vehicle owners to follow strict security measures to safeguard themselves from looting. Police have asked vehicle owners to park their vehicles in well-lit areas, and should also install anti-theft alarms.

To safeguard the valuables, vehicle owners should not keep mobile phones, laptops, and purses in parked vehicles. If you find someone suspicious in the parking area, it is always recommended to inform the nearby Police station.