Singapore man arrested for molesting three little boys

In a shocking incident, a 46-year-old Singaporean man has been arrested for allegedly molesting three little boys

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Another incident of inhumane behavior has been reported in Indonesia. A Singaporean man was arrested for allegedly molesting three little boys in Batam.

As per a report published in the 'Jakarta Times', it has been learned that the arrested man is 46 years old, and he has been charged with cases of molesting boys aged 12, 15 and 16.

If found guilty, the man will get a minimum of 5 years imprisonment, and a fine of 5 billion Indonesian rupiahs. Police officials have not revealed the name and other details of the accused.

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The alleged incident happened in an art gallery, where the Singaporean worked as a teacher.For the past three months, the Singaporean has been living in the art gallery itself and all the victims of the exploitation were his students.

After the boys complained about the man's inappropriate behavior, parents of the children lodged a petition in the Batam Police Station, and soon, the Singapore citizen was arrested.

Hengky, Batam Police's senior commander told that the accused has been living in Indonesia for the past three years and has already overstayed his visa. The officer also added that the Singapore man had offered the victims a good amount of money, so that they remain shut, concerning the incident of molestation.

During the interrogation, Hengky told the officials that he also worked as a freelancer and driver in Singapore, apart from being a teacher in the art gallery. Police will soon communicate with the immigration office, to initiate further legal proceedings.