Singapore makes giant lion head using 359 shipping containers [PHOTOS]

The massive lion head was orchestrated at Tanjong Pagar Terminal on October 30.

A Singaporean container shipping company made a new world record for creating a gargantuan lion head out of metal crates.

PSA Corporation Limited pulled off a total of 359 shipping containers to form Singapore's best representation of its national identity. The massive lion head was orchestrated at Tanjong Pagar Terminal on October 30.

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It took 15 hours to finish the brightly coloured symbol measuring 128 meters by 128 meters. At night, the lion head formation also lits up, exuding a stunning view from above.

The company undertook the record-holding event in celebration of the 45 years of operations at Tanjong Pagar Terminal, Southeast Asia's first container terminal. The terminal will be transferring its operations to another port as its lease will end in 2027.

"As we commemorate the achievements of those involved in the development of this historic terminal, we also take this opportunity to not only remember our rich past, but to also look to our future," said Fock Siew Wah, PSA International group chairman.

The company is currently working on Tuas Terminal, bracing for a more advanced future along with its commitment to maintain the strong economic contribution of their terminals "as one of the foremost container transhipment hubs in the world."

Below are some photos of the giant lion head:

(Guinness World Records)
(Guinness World Records)
(Guinness World Records)
(Guinness World Records)