Singapore: Lorry accident in Lower Delta Road, driver injured

Lorry accident
Representational image of lorry accident Pixabay

A lorry crashed into a drain in Lower Delta Road on Wednesday in Singapore. Reports said that the driver of the vehicle was taken to Singapore General Hospital after the accident.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that the came to know about the incident at around 5 pm on Wednesday.

According to reports SCDF said that even though the injuries are not lifethreatning, the lorry driver was rushed to hospital by an ambulance.

An eyewitness named Kerry Ng, who saw the aftermath of the incident, said that the crash took place near an overbridge.

The local police are investigating the case and trying to unveil the truth behind the crash. As of now, there are no reports related to of rash driving or drink and drive. So the investigators are about to interrogate the driver regarding the incident.

Earlier, a 26-year-old man, suspected of driving under influence of alcohol, as his lorry smashed against a tree on the road divider on Sunday, February 4 at Boon Lay Place. However, the driver was reported safe and taken to the hospital.

On February 1, Thursday in Ang Mo Kio a car collided with a lorry on Thursday, February 1 afternoon and then crashed into the side rulings of that road.

However, the overall road safety situation had improved in the south-east Asian country, particularly in the first half of 2017. Since 2012, the authority noticed a huge decrease in the number of fatal accidents by 7.6 percent.

The number of accidents ended up with injuries, has come down by 5.3 percent in 2017 but still, there are some dangerous accidents taking place on the roads of Singapore.