Singapore jails Malaysian actor Tony Eusoff for 8 months on drug charges

Singapore is in the forefront of nations that vouch for strict punishment for drug crimes, including death.

A Singapore court sentenced Malaysian actor Tony Eusoff to eight months in jail over possession of drugs.

The court ruled Tony guilty of possessing Class A controlled drugs. Tony, whose real name is Anthony Joseph anak Hermas Rajiman, was charged on March 31.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority arrested the 38-year old on March 12 on arrival at the Tuas checkpoint.

According to Malaysia's Bernama news agency, the actor was accused of possessing 4.56g of a vegetable substance that contained cannabis, or ganja.

The Sarawak-born actor had travelled to Singapore to film Mediacorp TV drama series The Hush.

Under Singaporean law, Tony Eusoff could have received a maximum of 10 years in jail and a fine of up to S$20,000.

However, Tony's lawyers pleaded for a lesser sentence, citing the smaller amount of drugs involved and the fact that the seized contraband for meant for the actor's consumption.

The prosecution, which called for punishment that would serve as a deterrent, said the actor hid drugs behind the last row of seats on the bus after removing the packet from his bag.

However, checkpoint inspectors retrieved the packet on a routine check and Tony later Eusoff admitted the drugs belonged to him.

Drug related offences get harsh punishment in Singapore, including death. The island republic has been in the forefront of nations that vouch for strict punishment for drug crimes.

"We believe that drugs will destroy our society," Singapore Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam told a UN gathering on Wednesday.

"With 200 million people traveling through our borders every year, and given Singaporeans' purchasing power, a soft approach will mean our country will be washed over with drugs," he said a special three-day UN session on the global war on drugs.