An Indian worker died in an accident at a work-site in Tampines, Singapore on Wednesday.

The news of the mishap was first posted on Facebook by Mano Elangovan, an avid Facebook user. His post became viral and had over 1,500 shares.

Mano wrote that the worker had newly joined the precasting firm and it was his third day at work. According to Mano, the worker was a resident of southern Tamil Nadu state in India. He belonged to a place called Batlagundu, in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu.

The work-site was filled with iron rods and wires but there weren't enough safety measures in place for the workers. Mano said: "The death was caused by lorry crane lifting gear failure."

A month back, the SMRT track accident had also witnessed the death of two maintenance workers. The rail transport authority published a report earlier this week saying certain essential safety measures were not applied before the workers entered the track.