Singapore: ICA warns public of fake website phishing for personal data; files police report

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The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has warned the public about a fake website that is operating under its name in Singapore. The authorities said in a press release on Thursday that they have filed a police report regarding this.

ICA said that the website, which goes by the name, is phishing for visitors' visa reference numbers and passport numbers. "We would like to assure everyone that access to the official ICA website remains unaffected and no data has been comprised," said the Singapore government agency.

"ICA takes a serious view of such fake websites as they undermine public trust in our system and processes... We will work to bring down the website and will continue to monitor them," it added.

ICA has advised the public to be cautious and not to fall prey to such fake websites. It has also asked members of the public to check the official ICA website ( for all informational and transactional needs about ICA related matters.

However, phishing incidents are nothing new in Singapore. There have been a number of such cases in the past when fake websites were created similar to that of ICA. Last year, the authorities had asked the public not to visit several fake websites, including,, and

A recent survey had showed that Singapore is considered to be one of the hottest destinations by scammers and hackers. These phishers mainly use fake government websites, including ICA, Singapore police etc. to dupe people and fulfil their fraudulant needs.

In 2017, ICA said that many people had received scam calls from a number that was identical to the general office number of ICA. The authorities had advised members of the public who receive such calls to ignore them and the caller's instructions.

The authorities said that the calls were not made by its officers and it also clarified that it does not call members of the public to request for personal information over the phone.

The members of the public have been also advised to call the police hotline at 1800-255 0000 or submit information online at in case of any related information,. One can also dial '999' only if urgent Police assistance is required.

This article was first published on January 25, 2018