Singapore: ICA officer bravely extinguished fire at Woodland Checkpoint to prevent injuries [VIDEO]

Fire accident at Woodland Checkpoint
Fire accident at Woodland Checkpoint Facebook/ SG traffic Incidents

A car at Woodland Checkpoint suddenly caught fire and produced huge blazes on Thursday night, June 21. An officer at that place took control of the situation after he stepped ahead to extinguished the fire to secure the place.

Even though there were chances for an explosion as the fire was quite strong but the officer showed a real-life example of bravery and controlled the situation.

A video of the fire accident at Woodland Checkpoint was shared through the social media platform Facebook. SG traffic Incidents posted the video on their page that showed those huge orange flames appeared from the rear of the car, which was standing near the immigration clearance counters. This fire incident caused a thick grey smoke in that area.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that they were alerted to that incident at around 11.30 pm. But, before the arrival of SCDF officers, Staff sergeant Muhammad Miftahul Khair Ahmad extinguished the fire.

The 34-year-old Immigration and Checkpoints Authority officer said that he saw the smoke, which was coming out of a white Kia at the checkpoint, where he was performing as a duty management officer.

In addition, he also said that prior to that accident, neither the driver nor the passengers noticed anything wrong with their car but, as soon as the car caught on fire, all the travellers of came out from the vehicle and stayed in a safe distance.

The sergeant Miftahul said immediately he took the fire extinguisher and put out the fire before it spreads through the entire vehicle.

In that captured video also, Miftahul could be seen while holding the fire extinguisher. The footage also showed that he alone walked towards the car and put out the fire. As reported after this incident the officer said that he was glad that he stopped the fire in time to prevent injuries at the location.

However, no one was reported injured due to the fire accident but the police investigation is going on.

Facebook/ SG traffic Incidents
This article was first published on June 23, 2018