Singapore: How BlueSG electric car-sharing service works?

Here's how BlueSH electric car-sharing service works.

bluesg-electric-car-sharing service-singapore

Singaporeans will soon be able to flag down electric car-sharing as BlueSG is all set to launch the pioneer service in December. A thousand electric cars are scheduled to be deployed in phases.

BlueSG, a subsidiary of French conglomerate Bollore Group, will be distributing around 30 charging stations and 80 chargeable cars progressively starting December.

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The first electric car-sharing company in Singapore will also be releasing a total of 1,000 electric cars as agreed between the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) and the Economic Development Board. A total of 500 charging stations with 2,000 charging points will be put up in the future, of which 400 will be available to the public.

The first 30 charging stations will be scattered across the city-state--18 in public housing estates, 10 in the city center and city fringes and two in industrial and commercial estates.
Charging stations are compatible with Type 2 charging standard, a European charging model. This will be suitable for both single-phase and three-phase power supplies.

How to rent BlueSG electric cars

For users interested to rent BlueSG cars, just visit charge points. Tap BlueSG card on the card reader of a charge point with a BlueSG car plugged.

Unlock the car through your card on the reader right next to the driver's wing mirror. Open the car's power door at the back of the car and remove the cable.

To return the car, visit any BlueSG points across Singapore. Make sure to check the status of the car. Report to the customer service if something is not right.

The rental ends when the car is plugged into the station. Tap card over the windshield reader to prevent another driver from starting it.

This article was first published on November 29, 2017