Singapore: Hougang resident arrested by police for smashing window and damaging cars

Singapore police arrested the culprit on October 14 morning.

Damage in the building of the Houthi movement's politburo is seen through a broken window of an adjacent building
Picture for representation. Reuters

A resident of Hougang smashed his flat's window and used a pot lid to hit vehicles standing in the parking lot. As he left the clues, the man was arrested by the authorities on October 14.

According to The Straits Times, Lianhe Wanbao said that the 54-year-old accused did all the destruction at around eight in the morning at Block 620, Hougang Avenue 8.

The culprit broke the window first and then took the lid and went downstairs. The man damaged at least three vehicles, which were standing at the open-air parking. Investigators have found images of the incident that show a smashed window panel and cars with extreme damages.

Wang Laifa, a resident from the next block and the head of a restaurant, told Wanbao that the chaos on Block 620 grabbed his attention and then he looked from the window to figure out what was happening outside.

"I saw him smashing the kitchen window and the glass shards fell downstairs. It was very dangerous, so I immediately called the police," said the neighbour.

The 60-year-old Wang explained the incident and said that after hearing the shattering sound from the neighborhood, he saw the man, who was holding a metal lid, hitting cars. After seeing what was going on outside, he called the police again.

According to Wanbg, when police arrived at the location at 8.07 am, they saw that the man was quite disturbed and had a clash with the policemen before he was taken into custody. However, investigations are still under process.