Singapore: Health Promotion Board to implement plans to reduce sugar in food products

Health Promotion Board

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) in Singapore is aiming to implement various plans to reduce the amount of sugar in food products. The goal set by the HPB is to cut down the sugar consumption among Singaporeans by nearly a quarter by 2020. The board also aims to create awareness in the minds of Singaporeans regarding the vitality of adding more unrefined carbohydrates, such as whole grains in their diet.

Zee Yoong Kang, the chief executive of the Health Promotion Board recently said that they are planning to set new guidelines for food manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar in desserts, sauces, and soft drinks. The authority considers this new initiative as a war towards combating the onset of diabetes among Singapore citizens. Interestingly, several soft drink companies have given a positive nod to cut down the sugar levels in their products.

As these companies will reduce the sugar content, it will make Singaporeans used to the drinks which are less sweet, and in the course of time, it will help them to adjust themselves to desserts and sauces which are very much beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

Apart from these sugar cutting down measures, the Health Promotion Board is also planning to initiate some ways to replace cane sugar with some healthy alternatives.

The board believes that these campaigns will only become a success if Singaporeans get to know more about the health risks posed by heavy sugar intake. The board also urges everyone to understand the amount of sugar in the bottled drinks they use, as it will help to know more about our daily sugar intake.

In the meantime, parallel awareness campaigns will be also conducted to create awareness among people regarding the link between smoking, alcohol intake and lack of exercises with the onset of diabetes.

The Government may also levy high taxes on sugar products beginning from this year to curb down the increased sugar intake.