Singapore: Grab driver punches customer on his face in Yishun, causes four teeth fracture

Taxi driver punched customer on his face
Singpore taxi driver punched customer on his face (Representational picture) Reuters

A Grab driver punched a man in his face during an argument regarding the cancellation of the cab and the victim suffered broken teeth after the driver became aggressive.

The incident took place on the broad daylight of May 12 at around 11.50 am in Block 727 Yishun Street 71. The victim of this incident Henry told STOMP that on that day he was looking for a cab to go to Choa Chu Kang, which is almost 20 to 25 minutes away from the Block 727 HDB Yishun.

Henry booked a trip via Grab app and an Audi driver accepted that request at around 11.33 am but, when the driver arrived at the pickup location at around 11.42 am, he allegedly said that he cannot pick Henry and his family, as he had a five-year-old child with him and he asked the customer to book another ride.

Henry said that he understood what the cabby told him and he agreed to that. After the black Audi went off, he again booked another taxi from a different app. When, Henry and his family were waiting for the next cab to come, suddenly at around 11.46 am the Black Audi driver returned and started to ask him in a very rough way that why Henry did not cancel his earlier Grab booking.

The victim told the driver that the cancelation was supposed to be done by the Audi driver not the by him, as the cabby rejected the pickup. Meanwhile, his a second ride arrived the spot to pick the family.

Reports stated that later, the Audi driver strated to use very abusive language against Henry and also shouted at him for not cancelling the cab. As told by the victim, the driver also tried to convince the Mitsubishi driver to not to pick Henry and his family.

Even though, during the heated argument Henry agreed to cancel the Grab booking by himself to avoid further conflict, the Audi driver looked unhappy at that moment. But, after the cancelation, when Henry went inside the Mitsubishi and sat on the front passenger seat, the unnamed Audi driver allegedly opened the door and shouted at him.

During their heated argument, the Audi driver allegedly hit on the face of Henry without any warning. At that time he was talking over the phone to cancel the Grab cab. After that punch, Henry realized that his mouth is bleeding extremely.

The victim called the local police at around 11.51 am and asked his family to go back home, as he feared that the driver could hit them also. Meanwhile, the driver of black Audi attempted to drive off from the incident location but Henry managed to stop the accused.

When the police and emergency services arrived at the location they questioned the Audi driver and then let him go. On the same time, seeing the seriousness of Henry's injuries officers took him to the Khoo Teck Huat Hospitalm which is almost 5 minutes away from the incident location at Yishun.

After the analysis doctors found that the victim had fractured four of his teeth due to the punch. Later, he was referred to a dental check-up and surgery on May 14.

However, as per a Grab spokesman, the safety of their customers, passengers and drivers are their main priority and the company would not tolerate the behaviour. The spokesperson also stated that that they will cooperate with the police for the further investigation.

As per Singapore Penal Code, Whoever does any act with the intention of thereby causing hurt to any person, or with the knowledge that he is likely thereby to cause hurt to any person, and does thereby cause hurt to any person, is said, "voluntarily to cause hurt".

Under section 334, the punishment for the convict of voluntarily causing hurt is imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine which may extend to $5,000, or with both.

On the other hand, Whoever voluntarily causes hurt, if the hurt which he intends to cause or knows himself to be likely to cause is grievous hurt, and if the hurt which he causes is grievous hurt, is said, "voluntarily to cause grievous hurt".

The convict of such case, will be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years, and shall also be liable to fine or to caning, under section 335.