Singapore is going to relax a few of the Coronavirus curbs in coming days

The deadly virus outbreak has infected over 3.3 million people globally and has claimed the lives of more than 230,000 people in the world

The Asian island nation Singapore is going to start relaxing few curbs which were put in place for containing the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19 in the next few weeks, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong stated on Saturday.

Selected activities that include the home-based businesses, barbers and also laundry services will be given permission to operate from May 12. Few of the students will also get the approval to go to school in small groups starting from May 19.

Singapore tackling COVID-19


Some work premises will be allowed to gradually reopen, taking into account their importance to the economy and supply chains and their ability to minimise risks of transmission.

The city-state's 5.7 million people have among the highest number of infections in Asia, mainly due to outbreaks in cramped migrant workers dormitories. It has managed to curb the spread of the disease among locals outside the dormitories.

(With agency inputs)

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