Singapore floods: SCDF rescues 11 people from trapped vehicles at Jurong West

The passengers were trapped in three vehicles at Enterprise Road.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was called into action to rescue 11 commuters who were trapped in three vehicles at Enterprise Road in Jurong West by the knee-high flash flood.

The passengers were removed from a bus, a lorry and a car which were stranded by torrential rain fall in that area. The commuters were provided with life vests. The water level inside the vehicles also was quite high, according to reports.

Thessa Huiying, one of the commuters in the bus, posted pictures which showed how the SCDF team managed to rescue the victims. She also posted several videos of lorries partially submerged and driving through the flood waters.

In her Facebook post, she wrote that the water rose very quickly within a span of 10 minutes. Huiying also thanked the bus captain for taking the wise decision of not driving in such a condition.

"Uncle kept apologising to us, but I reassured him that this was not his fault. We should be thanking him instead for looking out for our safety," she wrote.

Thessa Huiying also expressed her gratitude towards the SCDF staff for rescuing the commuters safely. The SCDF staff said that there were no reports of injury.