Singapore Fashion Awards 2016: In Good Company, Carrie K win top honours

The event honoured veteran Singapore designer Thomas Wee for his "exceptional career achievements".

A view shows fashion creations by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin in his museum called "Past-Present-Future" in Paris November 12, 2014. Reuters (Representational Image)

Two local fashion brands won the top prizes in their respective categories of fashion and accessories at the Singapore Fashion Awards 2016 which was organized at the National Gallery Singapore on Friday night.

In Good Company and jewellery brand Carrie K were awarded the Designer of the Year title and each of them received a trophy along with a cash prize of S$10,000. Both the brands will also get an opportunity to showcase their products at regional trade shows in handpicked Asian markets.

In Good Company designers Sven Tan and Kane Tan said they were shocked when they were awarded the Designer of The Year title in the fashion category at the event organized by the Textile & Fashion Federation (TAFF).

"To be honest, there's no expectation to win anything. It's a really big honour and we're really humbled by the award. I think we try our best to do what we do best and just hope that the work will be appreciated. That's all we ever hope for," Sven Tan told Channel NewsAsia.

"As we recognise the contribution and achievement of those in the fashion industry...we hope to inspire more local fashion entrepreneurs to strive for excellence in design, branding,communications and retail management," Lynette Lee, CEO of TAFF said.

Singapore Fashion Awards also honoured veteran Singapore designer Thomas Wee by giving him an honorary award for his "exceptional career achievements, leadership in mentorship and outstanding contributions to the industry".

The event also appreciated the work of several upcoming designers for their style and creativity. Ginlee Studio for fashion and One.62 for accessories were awarded the title of the Emerging Designer Of The Year.

"Dreams can become reality if one perseveres. As the official association for the textile and fashion industry, Taff will continue to play an active role in developing the industry. We will continue to work closely with different stakeholders to support local designers and fashion labels in their quest for success," Lee added.

After winning the award, Sven Tan said that while In Good Company is growing, but the label doesn't have any plan ahead.

"The brand is four years old and we try to grow organically. We are always waiting for the right opportunity to work with the right partners and people who we feel that are correct for the brand instead of throwing ourselves everywhere," Tan said.

He further added: "We know that because of our non-seasonal quality of our collection, of our brand, we see South-east Asia as the biggest market. We find that we don't have big dreams for the brand to be available everywhere in order to grow into a global brand. We believe that as long as we get the product mix right and we enter the market with the right partners, the brand would grow."