Singapore: Ex-gang leader faces 28 years jail term with canning for raping 13-year-old girl

Singapore ex-gang leader behind bars
Singapore ex-gang leader behind bars (Representational picture) Pixabay

The 25-year-old ex-gang leader, who was arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl four times between November 2013 and January 2014, was sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment, including 24 strokes of the cane on Thursday, April 26.

The High Court stated that the strict sentence was warranted to show the seriousness of the offence and to deter the accused, Koh Rong Guang and others from committing such crimes.

The Judicial Commissioner Audrey Lim stated that there were clear aggravating factors and from his perspective, there were no mitigating circumstances. Reports said that the accused, who is also known as Charles is filling an appeal against the sentence. He was also granted bail that was increased from $80,000 to $100,000.

The legal authority has put 12 charges against Koh that includes statutory rape, one of sexual assault by penetration, three of criminal intimidation, two of committing an indecent act with a young person, one of circulating a nude photo of a girl and one of causing hurt.

Police records stated that the rapes took place at the staircase of a karaoke outlet and in a flat situated in Choa Chu Kang Crescent, between 2013 and 2014.

During the first trial, Koh told the court that three allegations were false, as the girl, who is now 17 wanted to frame him as a criminal to take revenge for sharing her intimate pictures with Koh's friend, Fu Yiming who is 20-years-old.

While interrogating Koh, addressed the girl as a "stranger" and a "slut" and mentioned that he never liked that girl.The accused also claimed that the girl tried to get close with his friend Fu, knowing that at that time he had a girlfriend.

However, in March, the court found Koh guilty of 11 charges and was acquitted of the first rape charge, as they have no evidence that confirms victim's allegation.

Koh was serving a probation period for rioting with a dangerous weapon when he committed the crime. The Deputy Public Prosecutor David Khoo also added that even though he was offered an opportunity in rehabilitation, he failed to restructure his own life. The court heard that Koh also threatened the minor as someone to have sex with.

DPP David mentioned in the court that the victim was allegedly being abused by her father. So after Koh's incident, the girl would be more psychologically disturbed. She tried to commit suicide also and the marks are visible on her arms.

While considering the seriousness of the crime DPP said that Koh not only raped the girl and pressurised her to strip to take such photographs, but also allow his friends to use the girl as if she was his property. During early court hearing, David stated that Koh and Fu have exchanged some text messages where the accused stated that if he wants to do something with the girl, Fu cannot interrupt in-between.

This article was first published on April 26, 2018