Singapore to enrich long lost tradition of pushcart ice-cream with F&N's Ice Cream Brand Challenge 2017

F&N Creameries organize an event, seeking the participation of the students all across Singapore in order to help revamp the traditional ice-cream cart business.

Ice-cream cart
Ice-cream vendor pushes his cart in Guatemala City Reuters

Singapore is all set to refurbish its age-old ice-cream, F&N Creameries, cart business on September 22 and September 30 through enticing events involving the millennials. Thus take a break from dieting and gear up to treat yourself with plenty of lip-smacking ice-creams and desserts.

Pushcart ice-cream has a long history in Singapore. They existed in the culturally rich and an ancient Singapore, but somehow got buried under the glitz and glamour of the 21 century. Speaking of heritage, the "Lion City" embraces the rich tradition of pushcart ice-cream that was, once upon a time, a charming part of old Singapore. It has maintained its popularity even today.

The pushcart ice-cream on the fashionable Orchard Road is a must visit for tourists and locals alike. These little droplets from heaven can also be found in other parts of the island.

The ice-cream pushcart sellers offer a variety of tempting flavors such as durian and mango, raspberry ripple, sweet corn, mocha chip, matcha, caramel, avocado, nata de coco and the list goes on. The ice-cream is sandwiched between wafers or soft fluffy slices of bread and sometimes they come in a cup.

Remember "Strawberry Shortcake"? Houses made of ice-creams and lollipops? Bugis, Orchard Road and the Cathay in Singapore presents the similar aura.

The interesting part? F&N Ice Cream Brand Challenge 2017, organized by F&N Creameries and the SMU Marketing Society, has come up with a curriculum, keeping the main focus on sustaining this national heritage. University and polytechnic students, taking part in this challenge, shall discover and deliver new ideas to help develop the ice-cream cart and the business.The F&N Ice Cream Brand Challenge is indeed a leap forward in bringing the younger generation close to the heritage, at the same time conserving the age-old practice.

Participants, however, should be aware of the appeal of this national icon intact in order to help tourists and denizens enjoy the marvelous ice-cream flavors in near future.

With the market increasingly becoming competitive, the gen-x is highly required to pitch in new ideas that will help the economic continuity of the ice-cream pushcart business. Cash prize worth $1,800 will be awarded to the top three teams. The winning team's business model will be implemented across all F&N Creameries ice-cream pushcarts based on its reliability and functionality.

The six shortlisted teams are to be unveiled on September 22, who are to then propose their ideas at the grand finale which will be held on September 30 at the Singapore Management University.

For further information on this exciting and much awaited event click here and visit the official Facebook page to get an overview of the marvelous affair.