Singapore: E-scooter rider hits female in Fajar, sister seeks witnesses, urges to ban electric bikes

The e-scooter rider hit the woman and escaped from the location without providing any help.

Singapore accident
Singapore accident Facebook/ Low

An unknown e-scooter rider hit a woman, who was walking towards the Fajar shopping centre on Tuesday night, June 26. The alleged accused is still unidentified.

A Facebook user, Jenn Low, the sibling of the victim has posted that her sister was knocked down by an e-scooter rider on Tuesday night at around 9 pm when she was walking under the void deck. The post also included that the incident took place at Fajar blk 442.

While providing details, she said that after the collision the victim fell on her back and she landed on her right side on a grass patch. The accident caused several wounds and as per Low, her sister also had lost a lot of blood.

Low said that even though the accident was caused by the e-scooter rider, after seeing her injured sister that rider did not provide any kind of help and ran away from the location.

The post also included few pictures of the victim's injured right leg and hand. As those images showed, some of the injuries were quite deep and painful. The pictures and the post were shared by the Facebook page called and the page admin asked for assistance from the local residents.

The shared post also stated, "Appealing for witness. E-scooter hit and run at Fajar Shopping Center vicinity. Wishing your sister a speedy and full recovery."

At the end of the post, Low added that even though people are careful while walking on roads, such incidents can happen. She said, "When will authority view these cases seriously and ban scooters. Who will be next? Kids and elderly might not be able to take these hits well."

The post ended with two hashtags, these are #banescooter and #damntheseirresponsibleriders.