Singapore: E-scooter rider fined for injuring boy, authorities tighten rules to stem negligent driving


Qin Jian, a 32-year-old logistics manager was fined S$2,500 for injuring a boy after driving in a very negligent manner. During the hearing, Qin Jian, a Chinese national admitted driving carelessly near a lift at the void deck of Block 607, Clementi West Street 2 on July 05, 2017 which resulted in the accident.

Details of the incident

The incident happened at around 06.50 PM on July 05, last year. The father of the nine-year-old boy was shocked to hear his son's scream from the void deck, and he rushed to the spot. He saw his son lying wounded, and the boy was taken to the National University Hospital. In the hospital, the boy was treated for small wounds on his right elbow, wrist and left knee. The police were soon alerted and a complaint was lodged.

During the hearing, Qin Jian who did not have a lawyer pleaded for a light sentence. The Chinese national also informed the court that he no longer uses the E-scooter. However, the court gave him the maximum fine of S$2,500.

E-scooter accidents increasing in Singapore

Even though police and other law authorities are taking strict measures against negligent e-scooter riders, the number of accidents happening in the country is increasing. According to statistics, more than 120 e-scooter accidents were reported in 2017, and as a result, the government is planning to implement strict punishments for e-scooter riders who violate the law.

Lam Pin Min, the Senior Minister of State for Transport, told Parliament last week that registration of e-scooters will be made mandatory to control negligent driving. All e-scooter users should register their vehicles from mid-2017.

During the registration process of the vehicle, the e-scooter owners should provide personal particulars, and should also assure that the speed of the scooter will not cross 25 kilometers per hour while wheeling on the roads.