Singapore: Drugs worth more than S$250,000 seized, 7 arrested after CNB operation

Police arrested murderer in Singapore
Police arrested drug offenders (Representational picture) Pixabay

Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) said on Friday morning, August 24 that a variety of drugs with a street value of more than S$250,000 were seized and seven suspected Singaporean drug offenders were arrested during an operation.

In a statement, CNB said that its officers were deployed to observe the alleged hideout of a 35-year-old male suspect near Woodlands Crescent and CNB believed that the alleged offender was the dealer of those seized drugs. During the operation, CNB officers also spotted another alleged trafficker, 43, who was seen while entering the hideout.

Officers from CNB's Special Task Force used specialised forcible entry tools to get inside the unit. Before those two male suspects hide the drugs, the officers arrested both of the alleged offenders, including two female suspects, aged between 30 and 32, who were inside the same unit.

After further search, the officers also seized a total of 2.9kg of heroin, 2kg of cannabis, 100g of Ice, 45 ecstasy tablets and a bottle of methadone as well as cash amounting to S$21,170.

CNB said that during the investigation at the hideout, the 35-year-old male suspect was fainted and was taken to hospital by ambulance. On the same day, officers also nabbed three more individuals, who were believed to be involved with the hospitalized male suspect.

While two of those three suspects, aged between 42 and 48, were arrested in a unit at Jurong East Street 24, the third alleged offender, 48, was nabbed at Yishun Avenue 11. The officers also found about 12g of Ice and a small amount of cannabis from Jurong East unit and about 630g of heroin and 50g of Ice were recovered from the third male suspect.

As per CNB, 2kg of cannabis is enough to feed the addiction of about 286 abusers and 3.53kg of heroin is enough to feed the addiction of about 1,681 abusers for a week.

Further investigation is going on.

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