Singapore driver charged for killing woman police officer on Feb 10 night, trial on

Dead body

A 51-year-old American origin man was driving a car along Maxwell Road on February 10 and allegedly failed to keep the focus on the road that caused an accident which involved a 40-year-old policewoman, who died due to the injuries. On Thursday, the driver of the vehicle was charged in court for causing her death by driving in a negligent manner.

The victim of this accident Salinah Mohamed was a staff sergeant at the Marina Bay Neighbourhood Police Centre. Court documents stated that on February 10 she was crossing the road at a traffic light that was green for her.

The accused, Andrew Charles Vasko, was the director of two companies, IHS Global and Chemical Market Associates until earlier this month.

After the accident, the woman, who was the mother of three children, was taken to Singapore General Hospital for further treatment. But Salinah could not survive and four days later medical staff took off the life support.

On that fateful night, Singapore permanent resident Vasko was taking a right turn to Shenton Way at around 9.23 pm, when his car hit the policewoman, who was on her way home from work, the court was told during the hearing.

The younger brother of the deceased, 38-year-old Saiizan Mohamed, who is also a sales assistant, told the court that the Salinah's head injuries were so serious that initially, the doctors were also afraid to move her body even for lab tests. Later the doctors found that she was brain dead and on February 14, they removed the life support, he said.

Salinah left behind her 41-year-old husband, chauffeur Indra Shaiful, who said that their two daughters, aged between nine and 12 as well as one son, aged 11, miss their mother the most before going to sleep.

The accused, Vasko, is out on a bail of $10,000 on Thursday and he will be back in court on May 16.

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