Singapore: Double-decker bus with 3 doors, 2 staircases hits road in 6-month trial

Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) has launched a double-deck bus with three doors on Monday, as part of a six-month trial, to evaluate the suitability of the vehicle. The bus will be tested on service 143, operated by Tower Transit Singapore and will cost up to 15 per cent more than regular buses.

Designed by ST Kinetics, the bus also has two staircases to facilitate the flow of commuters. Moreover, it has wheelchair spaces, a passenger information display system and USB ports. LTA will also launch a single-deck variant of this bus run by SMRT from the second quarter of 2017.

"Deploying the three-door buses will allow us to study this concept further by observing commuter flow and how the bus adapts to the existing infrastructure," said LTA's group director of Public Transport Yeo Teck Guan, as reported.

It was at the 2016 Bus Carnival that the idea of a three-door bus was first introduced and discussed in lengths followed by a survey, a maximum number of people said having a third door on buses and second staircase on double-deck buses would be very useful.

It is also reported that LTA said that both these trial bus services will cover both residential and commercial areas.

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