Singapore: Experienced commercial diver missing since Saturday, search operations underway

Singapore missing diver
Singapore missing diver Google Map & Pixabay

Singapore's Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) said on Sunday that a search team was deployed to locate a Singaporean diver, who has gone missing since Saturday, May 5 near island resort of country's southern coast, Sentosa.

Reports said that as per an MPA spokesperson, on Sunday at around 2.40 pm the authorities came to know that a Singaporean commercial diver had gone missing during an underwater operation, which was conducted for the vessel Jork at the Western Anchorage near Sentosa.

The spokesperson said two MPA and two police coast guard patrol craft were sent for the search and rescue operation. The commercial diving company also provided their assistance for the search operation by deploying dive boats and divers.

The spokesperson also said that the authority has been broadcasting the news about the missing diver to inform nearby vessels as well as to let them know about the ongoing search and rescue operation.

As per the reports, the name of the missing diver is Jake Seet Choon Heng, 33. An unnamed source has informed that the diver had been out working on Saturday when a co-worker had realized about his disappearance.

The missing diver is married with two young children. Jake's sister Jacqueline Seet Ai Chen said that her sibling and his wife are expecting their third child in June. Jacqueline, who manages a food and beverage outlet, also added that she is still hopeful that the rescue team will find her only brother and said even though she seeks for answers and information, the priority is now to find Jake.

The 37-year-old Jacqueline said that her sister-in-law found out that her husband was missing, when a colleague called her on Saturday around 6 pm and informed about the incident. The family was asked to wait for the updates by Jake's employer and colleagues.

Reports stated that Abdul Malik, the chairman of Singapore's Commercial Diving Association said that Jake is one of some 200 commercial divers in the country and he has been in the industry for quite some time. Malik also added that he is a freelance self-employed diver and works for different companies.

This article was first published on May 6, 2018