Craving for your favourite McDonald's offerings? Samurai Burger is back, with special accompaniments

The popular McDonald's samurai burger is returning to menus on Friday, October 13.

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Here's a good news for meat-lovers in Singapore! The popular McDonald's samurai burger is returning to menus on Friday, October 13. The last time that the samurai burger's arrival was announced was in 2016, in the month of November. The burger keeps making special appearances on Singapore menus from time to time.

The Facebook page of McDonald's is filled with hints about the impending arrival. Netizens have shown varied reactions to this news. Some are excited to get back their "favourite burger," whereas some are asking for other burgers like the Ebi burger, Kiasu burger, or the McCrispy burger.

McDonald's Singapore announced in a press release that the burger will be available after breakfast hours from Friday. It will also be available for McDelivery. The burger is made with sesame buns, with a quarter pound beef or chicken patty dipped in teriyaki sauce, accompanied by lettuce.

Another teaser released on McDonald's Facebook page gives hints about a burger's arrival; people are guessing that it is the same Samurai burger that is being spoken about, or it may be a brand new Ninja burger.

Other popular food items returning to the McDonald's menu for a limited period are Seaweed Shaker fries and Matcha McFlurry with red bean. The fries will be available to the diners who upsize their McDonald's meal.

The Samurai burger is a crowd favourite in Singapore, along with limited period offerings like the Kampung Burger and the Prosperity burger. McDonald's often attempts to woo its fans with servings like these which hold a local significance.

If you're a McDonald's fan, you can also hope to order the Spicy McNuggets and Coffee McFlurry with Oreo Cookies, which were launched with the Samurai burger in 2016.