Singapore court jails Indian man for slashing estranged wife's throat

The accused blames the victim in mitigation saying that they separated after she had an affair.

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A Singapore court has sentenced an Indian man to eight years in jail and ordered nine strokes of cane for attempting to kill his wife. The accused, identified as Krishnan Karunakaran (45), bought a knife and slashed the throat of his estranged wife while shouting "die" in Tamil language. However, the victim survived the attack.

It was reported that the incident happened after his wife, identified as Boomichelvi Ramasamy (38), rejected his demands to help him stay in Singapore and let him see their one-year-old daughter.

Moreover, in his mitigation, Krishnan blamed the victim for the incident and said that they separated after she had an affair. However, according to The Straits Times, Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohamed Faizal rejected the assertion and said Krishnan's attempt to pin the blame on the victim highlighted that he has "absolutely shows no remorse".


It was reported that the incident happened on 27 October 2013 when the culprit was waiting for his Singaporean wife Boomichelvi Ramasamy at the lift lobby of her Hougang block with a knife tucked under his singlet. When he saw her he barged inside the lift and followed her to the flat before slashing her throat in front of her nine-year-old daughter from a previous marriage and her domestic helper.

While the maid opened the door to help her bleeding employer, the daughter quickly called the police and informed them about the incident. Krishnan was arrested by the police.

The victim, a teacher, had to go through an emergency surgery as her internal jugular vein was ruptured. She was discharged from hospital two days after the emergency operation, reported the news agency.

On 1 November, Krishnan had pleaded guilty to one charge of attempted culpable homicide and another charge of criminal intimidation. The court also took into consideration two other charges - for trying to stab the victim's and for threatening her domestic worker.

The news portal also reported that the prosecutor sought nine years' jail and nine strokes of the cane for Krishnan for attempting culpable homicide and up to 18 months' jail for criminal intimidation.

Meanwhile, the victim now suffers a phobia of people going near her. She also sold the flat at a loss because she could not stay there after the incident.

The couple got married in India in 2011 and came to Singapore in July 2012. However, they separated less than a year later.