Singapore court gives man 18-month jail sentence for having physical relationship with minor girlfriend

The accused continued the physical relationship with the underage girl even after her first delivery.

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A Singaporean man has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for indulging in a physical relationship with his minor girlfriend. The incident happened a year back when the girl, who was just fourteen years old at that time, became pregnant after having a sexual relationship with the accused. Soon, the couple broke up, and as a result, she had to undergo miscarriage.

As per reports, the accused continued the physical relationship with the underage girl even after her first delivery. The name of the man and girl are still kept under the wraps due to a gag order.

During the hearing, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jesintha Veijayaratnam said that the man has disregard for the girl's health, and that is why he made her pregnant just after a few months of her first delivery. On the other hand, the defense lawyer claimed that the couples engaged in a romantic affair naturally, and there are no instances of exploitation.

Details of the incident

The underage girl and the accused met each other through mutual friends in 2014. The girl was studying in secondary school at that time, and soon, the duo started engaging in a physical relationship. According to the prosecution, the girl started an intimate affair with the man just a month after knowing him.

According to the documents submitted to the court, the duo first engaged in a sexual activity in 2015 at the man's flat at Senja Road in Bukit Panjang. The man confessed that they made their first intimate contact in the bedroom of his flat. He also added that one more sexual encounter happened in the same period.

As per Police records, the girl gave birth to a baby in February, and as a result, the young mother quit the school and started working for her livelihood. At that time, she lived with her parents and the accused.

In May, the man received a conditional warning for sleeping with a minor age and was ordered never to indulge in a sexual relationship since the day she becomes a major. But the man ignored the warnings and made her pregnant again. Soon, the relationship between the couples worsened, and finally, she had a miscarriage.