Singapore couple arrested at Woodlands checkpoints for carrying 55g of cannabis

Arrested and jailed
Representational image Pixabay

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers, stationed at Woodlands checkpoint noticed a suspicious package on April 10 and after conducting a search they found three bundles of suspected controlled drugs.

The authority stated that they stopped the male Singaporean motorcyclist and his female pillion rider, both aged 26, at the checkpoint and searched them. Meanwhile, the ICA officials noticed an unusual bulge on the woman's waist.

When they checked the woman, the officials came to know that the 'bulge' was caused by the concealment of three bundles containing a total of about 55g of cannabis.

However, the couple were taken under custody and ICA later referred the case to the Central Narcotics Bureau for further investigation.

"Our borders are our first line of defence in safeguarding Singapore's security. ICA will continue to conduct security checks on passengers and vehicles to prevent smuggling attempts of undesirable persons, drugs, weapons, explosives or other contrabands," ICA stated on their Facebook page.

As per CNB, cannabis is listed as a Schedule I drug in the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which is an international agreement to control the cultivation of opium poppy, coca bush, the cannabis plant and their products which are referred to as "narcotic drugs". The Republic is one of the 184 signatories to the Convention.

Possession or consumption of cannabis may cause any offender-

  • Up to 10 years of imprisonment or S$20,000 fine or both

In the case of illegal trafficking, import or export of the

  • Cannabis of more than 500 grams > May face the death penalty
  • Cannabis resin of more than 200 grams > May face the death penalty
  • Cannabis mixture of more than 1,000 grams > May face the death penalty