Singapore commuters suffer during rush hour due to disruption in North-South Line operation

The commuters, who faced issues due to signalling fault, took it to social media and shared pictures as well as videos, taken at those affected MRT stations

Singapore train service on North-South Line was disrupted on Monday morning, owing to a signalling fault that hit the line between four MRT stations. Officials said commuters in the affected trains have safely disembarked at the stations and the staff were on-site to assist commuters to take alternative transport.

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An SMRT train arrives at a station in Singapore 19 July 2016 (Edgar Su

SMRT announcement

SMRT announced that there were no train services between Kranji and Bukit Gombak MRT stations at around 8.15 am, Monday. The authority also apologized for the inconvenience and stated that free regular bus and bridging bus services have been made available between Kranji and Jurong East stations.

In a Facebook post, it said that the SMRT engineers were on-site to rectify the fault and the commuters in the affected trains safely disembarked at the stations. "Staff were on-site to assist commuters to take alternative transport," mentioned the Facebook message. Few hours later, SMRT tweeted that the signalling fault on the North-South Line has been rectified and the train service is progressively returning to normal.

Commuters upset over the disruption

Singapore commuters took the issue to social media and stated that the issue had occurred around 8 am on Monday morning. Some of them also posted pictures on social media platforms. These images showed that a large number of daily travelers were waiting for the bus at Choa Chu Kang bus interchange.

There was a video posted by a Twitter user, Qairul Afzan. He posted a five-second video on the social media platform with the title "No train service for both side.. Well done #SMRT."

Another commuter, Apel Hunnyz posted on Facebook that when the disruption occurred in an announcement at the affected stations SMRT announced that "WE ARE CHECKING ON THE ON THE EMERGENCY CALL BUTTON" and in another announcement they said, "WE APOLOGISED AS THERE TRAIN FAULTY AND WE ARE ATTENDING TO IT... AND SORRY FOR THE DELAY THAT CAUSE TO IT."

The commuter also added that after waiting for 45 minutes there was "no bus and now the bus captain say SMRT just resume(d), can go take mrt instead of bus." In the same post Hunnyz also shared pictures of crowded stations and the announcement board.