Singapore: Commuters face delay due to signal fault on Downtown Line during morning rush hour

SBS Transit to open Punggol Point LRT Station on Dec 29
A train arrives at the train station in a haze shrouded neighbourhood in Singapore September 28, 2015. Reuters

Singapore's SBS Transit said that the commuters had to face delays on the Downtown Line caused by a signalling fault on Thursday during morning rush hour.

On Twitter, SBS posted at 6.51 am that train service towards Expo and Bukit Panjang stations was delayed due to a signalling fault.

The line operator said that the commuters could expect up to 15 minutes of delay due to the fault. However, it also added that the recovery works were in progress.

In order to help the commuters, SBS Transit again tweeted at 7.54 am saying that bus services were available between Bugis and Chinatown on both directions.