Singapore CNB: Huge amount of cannabis and another drug seized from HDB unit, six suspects arrested

Drugs and cash seized in CNB operation on 14 March
Drugs and cash seized in CNB operation on 14 March CNB

Singapore has the world's stricter laws for the drug-related offences but it seems like the laws and regulation failed to affect the smuggling business and the offender. On Thursday, March 14, Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) conducted an operation and seized five kilograms of cannabis and one kilogram of another illegal substance.

The CNB stated in a news release that the recovered drugs were estimated to be worth nearly S$50,000. After the raid, the officials also arrested six suspected drug offenders for their alleged involvement in the smuggling case.

As per the news release on Thursday the CNB officers conducted a search operation in an HDB unit in the vicinity of Hougang Avenue 4. They arrested an alleged trafficker, 20-year-old male Singaporean, as well another Singaporean man and two female foreigners, aged between 24 and 35.

During the raid, the officers found a total of about 4.94 kilograms of cannabis and about one kilogram of powdery substance, which is suspected to contain New Psychoactive Substances. They also recovered a weighing scale and cash amounting to S$15,990.

CNB mentioned that two other alleged offenders, one is 26-year-old male foreign national and a 29-year-old Singaporean male, were nabbed when these men approached the unit during the raid. Officials claimed that 4.94kg of cannabis is enough to feed the addiction of about 706 abusers for a week.

The authority is currently conducting an investigation alleged offenders for their suspected drug-related operations.

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