Singapore club to hold 'poverty simulation' class for members

The class will offer participants a glimpse into the lives of those living on the poverty line.

The Island Country Club of Singapore is organising a 'poverty simulation' class for its members to 'stir compassion' in the hearts of the privileged.

The class conducted by the Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) will offer members a glimpse into the lives of those living on the poverty line, Today Online reported, citing people involved.

The Singapore Country Club announced the 'poverty simulation exercise' in its in-house magazine. The class will be held next month, the report says.

The club, however, told the daily it "organises various programmes and activities to cater to the wide interest of our members," without confirming or denying the report.

The Methodist Welfare Service, which usually conducts similar classes for schools and volunteers, said the event would nudge participants towards doing more for the community. "Based on real-life family profiles, the poverty simulation exercise helps participants to be aware of situations and the consequent hard decisions that people living in poverty have to face every day," its spokesperson said, according to Today.

The various modules in the class familiarises the participants with different aspects of poverty such as running the family with a meager income, balancing work with domestic responsibilities of taking care of infirm family members and struggling to pay the bills.