Singapore: Cheyenne Goh fails to go through short-track 1,500m semis

Cheyenne Goh
Cheyenne Goh Reuters

Singapore's only hope, speed skater Cheyenne Goh missed her chance to secure a position in the semi-finals of short-track 1,500m on Saturday. However, Singaporeans might be proud to see their first ever winter Olympian to perform for the country in 2018 Winter Olympics at South Korea.

She competed with Netherland's Suzanne Schulting, Australian ace Deanna Lockett, Great Britan's skater Charlotte Gilmartin, the Czech Republic's Michaela Sejpalova and another participant named Ekaterina Efremenkova, who was playing under the OAR banner (Olympic Athletes from Russia).

While Schulting, Lockett and Gilmartin sealed the qualification berth, Goh clocked 2:36.971 secs at the Gangneung Ice Arena in Pyeongchang and finished at the fifth position.

This short-track speed skating has several rules, such as:

  • Impeding: Pushing, blocking, tripping or otherwise causing an impediment for another skater
  • Off track: Skating outside the designated track
  • Assistance: Giving physical assistance to another skater. For example: pushing a teammate from behind for an extra boost, or allowing a teammate to lean on another for stability in corners
  • Shooting the line or Kicking out: Driving the foot in lead ahead to reach the finish faster, resulting in the lead foot lifting off the ice and creating a dangerous situation for others
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: Acting in a manner not befitting an athlete or a role model. Including cursing at a competitor, kicking your feet, striking other skaters or officials, etc.
  • Equipment: Not wearing the proper safety equipment, losing equipment during the race, or exposure of skin not on face or neck.
  • False Start: Leaving before firing of the starter's pistol. On the second violation in the race, the offender on that start is disqualified.
  • Did not finish: Usually, due to injury, the skater did not finish the race.
  • Did not skate: The skater did not go to the starting line.

However, Goh who made history after performing at Winter Olympics arena in South Korea achieved the entry pass for participating at the foreign soil after a competition at International Skating Union (ISU)World Cup Short Track Speed Skating series.

The qualified participants for the semi-final of women short-track 1,500m event will be seen at 8.13pm (7.13pm Singapore time) on Saturday.

This article was first published on February 17, 2018