Singapore: Cement mixture vehicle crashes involving another lorry near Sengkang East road [VIDEO]

Singapore road accident Facebook/ Singapore Road Accident

An accident took place near Sengkang East road towards Punggol Way after a Cement mixture vehicle crashed into the side railing of a road and involved another blue coloured lorry on Wednesday.

Several photos and a video of the incident were shared on a Facebook page called Singapore Road Accident. A 19-second long video showed the crashed cement mixture vehicle at the side of the road including some debris at the accident location.

The video, which was captured from another moving vehicle also showed the cement mixture lorry's front section became badly damaged due to the accident, while the other involved vehicle looked quite in a usual condition. Several rescue vehicles, including an ambulance and police, could be seen at the location.

As of now, there was no information available regarding any victims. The police investigation is going on.

Facebook/ Singapore Road Accident
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