Singapore bus driver missed one passenger in Holland Avenue, man banged on bus doors, garbed driver's collar

Tourist bus
Representational picture Pixabay

An unnamed man slammed on a bus door and then grabbed the collar of the bus captain, who missed a passenger in Holland Avenue on Wednesday, June 27.

As per a witness of the incident told STOMP that she was inside the bus service 106 at around 12.40 pm when the incident took place. She said that the captain missed the bus stand, where the man was waiting and stopped one stop away from Holland Village MRT Station.

As reported, the bus captain opened the doors for a woman but did not notice that there was another man in black shirt, who arrived later to board the same bus. The man allegedly came in front of the bus, to stop it from leaving and started to shout at the bus captain.

The witness said that the bus captain was probably talking to other instructors to know how to handle such situation but, the man continued to shout at him. Soon the man started to bang the door to get on the bus.

Even though after the bus captain opened the door to let the man in, he continued to shout at the bus driver, even after explaining that he did not see the man. Meanwhile, the bus captain also started to take instructions to handle the aggressive situation through the intercom.

In a video, captured by the witness, showed that the man in the black shirt was saying the bus driver in a loud voice to shut up. Later, the situation became worse, as the witness told that the man grabbed the bus driver's collar but the bus captain took care of the situation calmly.

Seeing the situation and the man, who shouted at the co-travellers and said that what they were looking at, all the passengers became frightened. While one passenger talked to the man to calm him down, one man alerted police about the incident. But, later the man took a taxi and left the location. After the departure of the agitated man, the bus captain asked all the passengers to board next bus.

However, a police spokesperson said that they came to know about the incident at 12.42 pm and classified this incident as a case of intentional harassment and voluntarily causing hurt.

The police investigation is ongoing.