Singapore: BMW driver, 58, hospitalised after accident in Cantonment Road

White car crash
Representational Picture Pixabay

A 58-year-old man was taken to hospital after an accident that took place at the junction of New Bridge Road and Cantonment Road on Saturday.

After a collision between two cars, the involved white BMW vehicle crashed into a traffic light that caused injuries to the driver, who was sent to Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

The local police said that they were alerted to the accident at around 9.15 am on Saturday and currently, the incident is under investigation.

While the driver of BMW became injured, another driver, who was driving the Toyota is believed to be unhurt after the accident at the junction.

While almost every day on or two accidents are still happening inside the city, Singapore Annual Road Traffic Situation 2017 report claimed otherwise. The report stated that the road safety situation has improved in 2017 compared to the previous year.

It also claimed that last year there were few road accidents and the number of fatal accidents and fatalities fell to an all-time low. The numbers showed that the fatal accidents decreased to 118 cases in last year from 140 cases in 2016.