Singapore Based companies choose Boostmysites for App Development

boostmysite is playing the fields really well with its SEO and App Development Services. The Dubai based company which started primarily for Indian Businesses has now been a new choice for Singapore based businesses. Hundreds of businesses from Singapore have been satisfied with the App Development Services provided by and even more are choosing it over others.

Most businesses have their online presence through websites, but that presence is hidden due to poor SEOs. That is when comes into the rescue for small businesses. Not only that but due to the high usage of applications over websites, more businesses are rolling in to get their application developed. From the design to the implementation and bringing in the clients for the businesses, everything is handled by The company has more than one thousand Indian talented professionals who have worked with international companies and plan to raise their crew to 3,000 by the end of this year.

For more than 5 years, the company "Boostmysites" has helped small businesses make their place among the heavily crowded internet. And now more than 50 countries are trusting Boostmysites for their website optimization and application development. Businesses from healthcare to the entertainment sector, from eCommerce to the small stores, everyone is benefited with the services.

Since there has been a boom in the mobile phone users, applications are given more importance over-responsive sites. More and more clients are flowing in for application development. And there are more than 700 professional app developers that can make even the most complexly customized apps.

Recently attracted a 10 million dollar investment through angel investors after the company shared its future expansion plans. The company has constantly helped the businesses to get the increased quality traffic through extremely successful strategies, get businesses' websites to the top search results of the search engine. It has a team with extremely talented software professionals who are well experienced and are working on making innovative apps to solve business problems. A dedicated SEO team consisting of business development consultants are working with dedicated clients to optimize the websites.

It is just about the time when reveals what is more to come.