Singapore all set to welcome world's most expensive coffee at $85

Singapore is welcoming one of the most expensive coffee types, with a hefty price at $85 per cup.

A cappuccino coffee cup is seen at Moko cafe in Warsaw
A cappuccino coffee cup is seen at Moko cafe in Warsaw Reuters

After the arrival of the most expensive rice at $155, Singapore is now welcoming one of the most expensive coffee variants in the world, with a hefty price at $85 per cup. The expensive coffee beans, called Esmeralda Geisha, are brewed from small mountainous regions in Panama and considered to be the rarest of all.

It is one of the most expensive coffees available in the world and Singapore, beating the Kopi Luwak, which was touted as the most expensive coffee bean in the world. The coffee beans are going to be available to the public very soon. Singapore will be the first country to taste the beverage in Southeast Asia, followed by Hong Kong.

According to a Press Release of Coffee Academics, the coffee chain said that one pound of Esmeralda Geisha Coffee from Panama's Hacienda La Esmeralda farm, fetched a sum of US$601 (S$813) during an auction in August, racking up to S$80,000 for 100 pounds.

The Coffee Academics will be presenting the coffee during the workshop at its outlet at Scotts Square Shopping Centre. The Geisha coffee originated from the Geisha village in Ethiopia, known for its strong aroma and floral notes.

This coffee was cultivated in the mountainous region of Boquete at 1800 meters above sea level. During the auction, the coffee earned 94.1 out of 100 points because of its distinguished profile and exclusive nature.

The Esmeralda Geisha will make its presence at the Coffee Academics, where you get exclusive and best coffee for a whopping amount of S$85 per serving, with less than 80 cups available to the public. One can either get it brewed at the café or in their house.

It is also in the exclusive menu of Gastro Month Singapore from November 5, where they will demonstrate brewing the expensive coffee and also get to try it with a menu of coffee cocktails, mocktails, and canapés, with tickets pricing from S$128.