Singapore Airlines warns of phishing scam offering free air tickets

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An Airbus A380-841 airplane of Singapore Airlines takes-off from Zurich airport Reuters

National carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) has warned the public that scammers pretending to be its employees are contacting random people to phish for personal information.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, SIA said that the scammers are luring its customers to provide their personal data by offering free air tickets or credits through emails, calls, messages, surveys and contests. Sometimes the scammers modify their caller ID to imitate SIA's official telephone numbers to appear more authentic to the customers.

"We advise customers to exercise discretion when revealing personal data and/or credit card details to unverified sources. These websites, emails, messages and calls should be verified if in doubt," said SIA in a Facebook post.

The airline have also warned the members of the public of phishing websites and social media posts that appear similar to the official SIA website. The authorities have urged the customers to be cautious while sharing their personal details online.

This year, SIA has issued at least four such advisories to create awareness among its customers. The airlines has advised them to exercise discretion when revealing personal data to unverified sources. "These websites, emails and calls should be verified if in doubt," the airline said. It also added that members of the public can report scams at SIA's official website.

This article was first published on December 20, 2017