Singapore Airlines to hold record of world's longest flight route soon

FILE PHOTO: A man looks at a Singapore Airlines (SIA) signage outside an SIA service center in Singapore February 10, 2016.
Singapore Airlines Reuters

Singapore Airlines (SIA) hopes to launch the world's longest non-stop flight on a newly developed aircraft A350-900 ULR by the end of 2018. It was also the first one to launch commercial Superjumbo A380.

Reports said that Airbus, the international pioneer in the aerospace industry will come up with its new A350-900 Ultra Long-Range jet and Singapore will be the first airline to receive the plane. Earlier, SIA operated a 19-hour flight from Singapore to Newark but due to prohibitive operational costs the route was cancelled in 2013. Now again the country is planning to take the record back.

The upcoming A350-900 ULR could make long distance flights cheaper to operate. The aerospace company also boasts of the aircraft's fuel efficiency which will be suitable for the ultra-long flights. That flight is capable of flying up to 11,160 miles, about 1,800 more than a standard A350. The flight which will be operated in Singapore to New York route will be 9,521 miles and may take 19 hours to reach the destination.

SIA has plans to launch the flight with a two-class configuration, business and premium economy. The flight will be fitted with lighting to avoid jet lag and an upgraded air circulation system.

The current longest flight record holder is Qatar's route from Auckland to Doha that takes about 18 hours to cover 9,032 miles. The Singapore flight to Newark is all set to beat the timing of Qatar's flight to become the world's longest flight.

Singapore has ordered seven A350-900ULR aircraft to increase their services all around the world. SIA also said that they have plans to fly nonstop flight from Singapore to Los Angeles by the beginning of 2019 that will take about 15 hours.