Singapore Airlines cancels plans to charge credit card fees

A man walks past a Singapore Airlines signage at Changi Airport in Singapore
Singapore Airlines Reuters

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has decided to cancel its plan to charge credit card fees for selected booking classes, specifically Economy category for those flights departing from Singapore.

As announced before, SIA said that they would charge 1.3 percent service fee from January 20 based on the total amount of the booking for flights departing from Singapore and that would be non-refundable.

They were trying to apply this scheme to recover costs relating to the acceptance of credit cards.

However, now the authority has issued a circular to inform all of its sales agents and other business partners about their recent development plans on the morning of January 4, Thursday.

In 2016, the airline authority first introduced the scheme of charging a credit card service fee.

On the other hand, SIA will still charge the fee for some specific flights departing from Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. But the charges don't apply to debit card holders and will vary from each country.