Singapore actor Aloysius Pang taken to New Zealand hospital due to serious injury during SAF training exercise

Aloysius Pang
Aloysius Pang YouTube grab

The 28-year-old Singapore actor Aloysius Pang, who is an Armament Technician from the 268th Battalion Singapore Artillery had been taking part in Exercise Thunder Warrior at the Waiouru training area in New Zealand and was seriously injured during a military exercise in New Zealand on Saturday, January 19.

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) said in a statement on Sunday that a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Operationally Ready National Serviceman was injured while repairing a Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer at around 2.05pm Singapore time.

Pang, who has the rank of Corporal First Class (National Service), is now being monitored in a high dependency unit after surgery at Waikato Hospital, Hamilton in New Zealand.

As the statement read, "CFC (NS) Pang was transferred to the Battalion Casualty Station at 1425hrs (SG time) where he was assessed and stabilised by the medical officer, before being evacuated to Waiouru Camp Medical Centre at 1450hrs (SG time) where treatment was continued."

It also added that "at 1610hrs (SG time), the helicopter arrived at Waiouru Camp and CFC (NS) Pang was prepped for heli-evacuation. At 1650hrs (SG time), he was heli-evacuated to Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand.

"CFC (NS) Pang was conscious throughout the evacuation and arrived at the hospital at 1800hrs (SG time) where he underwent surgery, which was completed at 2340hrs (SG time). He is now being monitored in the high dependency unit."

However, the authority is conducting an investigation to determine the reason behind such an incident. Meanwhile, the ministry and the SAF is assisting the Pang's family.

Later, the news was confirmed by NoonTalk Media, which manages Pang, as the company said, "We have just received not too pleasant news this morning. Our NoonTalk Media artiste Aloysius, who is currently on reservist in New Zealand, has met with an accident while participating in an exercise."

They also stated that while the company is now communicating with MINDEF, the family of the celebrity is currently travelling to New Zealand. NoonTalk Media also assured the fans and well-wishers of Pang that they will provide updates on the actor's condition when they receive more information.

Soon the news spread in Singapore, former actor colleague of Pang, Xu Bin wrote on Instagram in Chinese that "I received bad news early in the morning. I hope you'll be fine, and that you will return (home) safely."